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By Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

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Along with his signature readability and heat, Bhante Gunaratana stocks with us how we will domesticate loving-kindness to reside a lifetime of pleased concord with others. via own anecdotes, step by step meditations, conversational renderings of the Buddha’s phrases within the suttas, and transformative insights into how we are living in and relate to the area, we research that peace right here and now could be possible—within ourselves and in all our relations. Bhante G speaks on to how we will domesticate loving-kindness to discover emotional readability, conquer anger, and develop into extra peaceful—both off and on the meditation cushion.

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In the Fire Sermon (Aditta Pariyaya Sutta), the Buddha said that poison is of three kinds — greed, hatred, and delusion. These weapons, like daggers, he said, can cut your peace into pieces. In the Numerical Discourses of the Buddha, the Buddha described bodily, verbal, and mental weapons. In the Udana, he said, “They quarrel, squabble, and argue with each other, stabbing each other with verbal daggers: ‘This is Dharma. ” In a well-known story about the power of metta, Uttara, a devoted follower of the Buddha, was bereft.

Practicing Well Greed and hatred are the roots of all suffering. We practice metta to overcome suffering. We must practice well to fully reach this place. How do we practice well? Start the day with loving thoughts. As soon as you wake up in the morning, remember that you want to live a healthy and peaceful life. What you do early in the morning has an impact on your mind the rest of the day. Be friendly with yourself, be warm. Be loving and kind. Don’t cause yourself harm in thought, word, or deed.

Generally, when we send out thoughts of loving-friendliness, compassion, appreciative joy, and equanimity to others, our own hearts and minds are naturally and effortlessly filled with those qualities. Our own thoughts of anger and greed also naturally fade away when these feelings take root in our mind. I hope you will try these practices, which I discuss below. And when you do try them, I hope you will see their power for yourself. In recent years, scientists at Stanford, the University of Wisconsin, and many other institutions have studied the results of metta meditation.

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