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On MSDOS/Windows filesystems, the device slot is also relevant. On the Symbolics platform, which has a more advanced filesystem, the version and host slots also have relevance. The constructor function, make-pathname, takes keyword arguments corresponding to the six possible slots of the pathname. txt" As seen in the above example, the :directory slot is technically a list, whose first is a keyword symbol (either :absolute or :relative), and whose rest is the individual directory components represented as strings.

Defvar and defparameter differ in one important way: if defvar is evaluated with a symbol which already has a global value, it will not overwrite it with a new value. Defparameter, on the other hand, will overwrite it with a new value: 26 CHAPTER 3. THE CL LANGUAGE CL-USER(4): *todays-temp* 90 CL-USER(5): *todays-humidity* 70 CL-USER(6): (defparameter *todays-temp* 100) *TODAYS-TEMP* CL-USER(7): (defvar *todays-humidity* 50) *TODAYS-HUMIDITY* CL-USER(8): *todays-temp* 100 CL-USER(9): *todays-humidity* 70 *todays-humidity* did not change because we used defvar, and it already had a previous value.

Some of the packages covered in this chapter are commercial extensions to Common Lisp as provided with Franz Inc’s Allegro CL, and some of them are available as open-source offerings. 1 Interfacing with the Operating System One of the most basic means of interacting with the outside world is simply to invoke commands at the operating system level, in similar fashion to Perl’s “system” command. osi:command-output1 . osi:command-output "ls") When invoked in this fashion, this function returns the the Standard Output from the shell command as a string.

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