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Due to the fact that its e-book in 1988, this has develop into one of many top technique textbooks in South African tertiary schooling. It offers an creation to the elemental options of social technology study, and enhances books on particular examine tools and strategies.

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A category which is important here is the type of phenomenon which has been the subject of intense investigation in one culture, but which has not yet been investigated in another. From Schurink’s (1979) study it is clear that prostitution has been the subject of intensive research reaching over a period of several decades in the USA, but that very few studies of this phenomenon had been conducted in South Africa. The importance of this type of consideration becomes even clearer when research amongst the different cultural groups is considered.

The subjects were informed that the study dealt with the manner in which people learn. By spinning a coin, one of the subjects was designated as the teacher and the other as the pupil. Following this, the pupil was strapped into an electric chair, and the learning task was begun. A panel with 30 switches was placed in front of the teacher. The switches were marked in increments of 15 volts, with the first marked 15 volts and the last 450 volts. At increments of 6C volts, descriptive phrases appeared on the control panel: light shock, moderate shock, intense 34 shock, extremely intense shock, danger: tremendous shock and finally three X’s.

Both of them have articulated models of scientific research in which the social nature of science is taken as point of departure. Both Kuhn and Radnitzky, for instance, emphasize that scientists always do their research within larger networks or communities of scientists which affect the nature of research in various ways. Kuhn’s views are discussed in detail in Chapter 6, while many of the central notions of Radnitzky’s model are incorporated in the model which is outlined in this section. However, because both Kuhn and Radnitzki developed their models primarily for the natural sciences, it will be necessary to modify them somewhat to make them applicable to the social sciences Following Radnitzky, the model can be described as a systems theoretical model.

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