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By John Makransky, Philip Osgood, Lama Surya Das

ISBN-10: 0861715373

ISBN-13: 9780861715374

Mom Theresa. The Dalai Lama. Nelson Mandela. Gandhi. a few appreciate such figures from afar and imagine, "How detailed they're; i'll by no means be like that." yet, as John Makransky has realized, the facility of genuine and enduring love lies inside each one folks. Awakening via Love is his advisor to discovering it.

In Awakening via Love, he pioneers new methods of constructing Tibetan meditations of compassion and knowledge obtainable to humans of all backgrounds and faiths. Drawing from Tibetan teachings of compassion and the Dzogchen teachings of innate knowledge, and utilizing undeniable, functional guide, he is helping readers discover the harmony of knowledge and love within the very nature in their minds. Then Lama John describes find out how to actualize these characteristics in each element of relations existence, paintings, carrier and social motion.

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P 27. id=10407924&ppg=40 After a little whi le, join you r benefactors in th cir wish for you. " Affirm the wo rds repeatedly in your nund. Try to mean them as you say them, j ust as your benefacto rs mean them for you. Like everyon e else in this world, you most deeply need and desclv c happiness and weU- being. R epeat th e wish fo r yourselfw hi lc accepting your benefactors' love even more deeply in to body and mind, com munin g with them through its radiance. Pari 2: Lel/illg Go alld Mffgillg illio Oueness with the Radiallce Finally, let go into utter oneness with the radiance, dro pping th e visuali za tion of benefacto rs, and rel easin g any an empt to hold on [0 any frame of reference.

Nyoshul Khen J'linpoche 9 In non conceptual meditation, w e just test in th e no ncol1cep tu al nature of mind- the vast expanse of cognizance and openness that Makransky, John (Author). Awakening Through Love : Unveiling Your Deepest Goodness. Boston, MA, USA: Wisdom Publications, 2007. p 44. id=10407924&ppg=57 is beyond all conceptual and ego-centered frames of reference. Initially, w e nccd to learn how to "get out of th e way"-how to let our ordinary, dualisti c patterns of thinking and grasping on to " self" and "oth er" rela x so mu ch that th ey begi n to £111 apart by themselves.

Ild and receive th e radiant wish of love in that way. See if th at helps you to get started in this profound prac ti ce. is chapter daily for some weeks befo re focusing much on th e medi tations of the followin g chapters. The effect of such practi ce unfolds in its own time. It ca n't be hurried. I envisage a typical reader reading throu gh this whole book for coment but then rereading this chaptcr and doi ng a daily practice of its meditation for several weeks. Then you ca n reread the next chapter and do its meditati on daily for several weeks or months, and so on.

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