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This publication is an try to current to the final reader the lifestyles and works of Avicenna, or Ibn Sina, who's past doubt the main provocative determine within the historical past of inspiration within the East. it isn't a defence of him and his approach, nor a critique of his philosophy. in the course of his lifetime he was once intentionally scornful of defenders and critics alike; he couldn't imagine best of them now thousand years have passed by. together with his place amply justified, and after that prolonged interval whilst his identify held on the lips of physicians and philosophers from the borders of China to the cloisters of mediaeval Paris and Oxford, it sort of feels top to permit him communicate for himself. it's been emphasised that the issues he used to be faced with resulted from the conflicting disciplines of 2 separate cultures introduced nose to nose. he's for this reason of greater than historic curiosity. His perspective might be of steering to these within the East who're assembly the problem of Western civilization; and to these within the West who've but to discover a foundation on which to harmonize medical with religious values.

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This has often caused a dichotomy in persisted ideas that can be explained only with reference to the history of the country. It is to be noticed in Sufism and such religious move- ments as the Isma'Ili heterodoxy. All this goes to show that Avicenna was not a lone star. A galaxy of poets and men of learning were already contributing their share to this brilliant epoch in the history of Persia and Transoxiana. But he rose, destined to shed an abiding light far beyond his own horizon. CHAPTER LIFE ALL II AND WORKS OF AVICENNA accounts of the early life of the man whom Doctour of Phisik was so proud of having Chaucer's read, and whose name echoed in the cloisters of many a mediaeval monastery, are based on an autobiographical narration which he himself chose to dictate to the man who was his companion and pupil of twenty- whom five years 1 (about more is told hereunder).

He took the then unusual to step of championing the cause of Plato against Aristotle. He expressed strong disapproval of the latter, and blamed him for parting company from Grand and for 'corrupting philosophy 1 Cf. Baron d'Erlanger: * Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakaria al-Razi Cf. Na$ir Khosrow: Zdd el-Musaferw. 3 B his master, 33 Traite de la Musique. (d. 925 or 935). AVICENNA and changing many of its 1 principles/ And like Kind! ' When people worldly life leading and himself, he answered back that Socrates had been no ascetic, that there was no reason why he should be one.

Razi, known to the Europeans as Rhazes* and considered 'the for the greatest clinical genius amongst the physicians of the Islamic world/ was also an independent thinker bent on speculation, and fearless in the expression of his views. Born in Raiy (Rhages), a poet, singer and musician in his early youth, he left Persia to study medicine in Baghdad, and stayed long enough to become the head of a hospital there. He then returned to his native country where he won both fame and notoriety before he died blind from cataract.

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