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Here the fault codes are preserved, but only while there is battery power. 9 shows a circuit for a KAM system. Fig. 9 A KAM system EEPROMs are sometimes used for the storage of fault codes and other data relating to events relating to the vehicle system. This type of memory is sustained even when power is removed. The use of fault codes is discussed in Chapter 3. 9 Adaptive operating strategy of the ECM During the normal lifetime of a vehicle it often happens that compression pressures and other operating factors change.

13 Review questions (see Appendix 2 for answers) 1. The purpose of exhaust gas recirculation is: (a) to reburn the exhaust gas? (b) to reduce combustion temperature and reduce NOx emissions? (c) to increase power output? (d) to give better fuel economy? 2. A Hall effect sensor: (a) generates electricity? (b) shuts off current in the Hall element so that the signal voltage is zero when the magnetic field is blocked? (c) gives an increase in signal current as the speed increases? (d) is only used in ignition systems?

Data, in computer terms, is the representation of facts or ideas in a special way that allows it to be used by the computer. In the case of digital computers this usually means binary data where numbers and letters are represented by codes made up from 0s and 1s. The input and output interfaces enable the computer to read inputs and to make the required outputs. Processing is the manipulation and movement of data A practical automotive computer system 41 Program Inputs Memory Outputs Fuel injection Speed sensor Air flow sensor Temperature sensor Central processing unit (CPU) Clock EGR valve Crystal Fig.

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