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The alternative view is that storage in acoustic memory is a function of encodedness, that more encoded stimuH are not stored in acoustic memory because their acoustic cues have been lost during a special process which *'strips away all auditory information and presents to immediate perception a categorical linguistic event" (Liberman, Mattingly and Turvey, 1972). This process is located in the dominant hemisphere, and is responsible for the REA effect. By the encodedness model a steady state speech input, whether nominally a consonant or a vowel, is not perceived as a categorical event, its acoustic features are Immediate (Sensory) Memory 49 not immediately perceived by the special processor and it is allowed to reside in acoustical memory.

The superior recall of early items in the list over recall of central and late items is, incidentally, referred to as the primacy effect, and we shall give full consideration of the cause of this effect in a later chapter. e. the words immediately preceding the suffix. Modality of presentation is an important variable (Morton and HoUoway, 1970) and aU of the experiments to be described here use auditory stimuH. The effect of the suffix item was first demonstrated by Dallett (1965) who found that recaU of a series of seven digits was the same whether an eighth digit ("zero") was relevant and had to be reported by the subject, or was irrelevant and not reported.

This is simply because this information is stored in a precategorical store, that is, the semantic features of the stimuH had not been realized at the time of selection. Now, if physical but not semantic cues may be used in the selection and rejection of which precategorical stimuH wiU be attended in the case of vision, might we expect physical but not semantic features be used in the selection and rejection of precategorical auditory stimuli? This is a point which emerges from a number of the suffix experiments.

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