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Ideally a textbook should still combine with the lectures and labs in a technological know-how path. decide upon­ ing the sort of publication will be an laborious (and occasionally very unlikely) job for the instructor. scholars are cautious of having caught with a "useless" ebook, i. e. , one to which the teacher by no means refers. The reader most likely has a few functional appreciation in their difficulty. I remem­ ber an teacher who not just denounced the very textual content he had selected, but in addition educated the category that he would not be utilizing it. This was once after I had already bought a duplicate! Being aware of the foregoing, i made a decision to attempt Barnes' Atlas and guide of Plant Pathology in 1973. Six years and 800 scholars later i've got no regrets approximately my selection. so far as i'm involved it really is nonetheless the best publication of its variety in this continent. Barnes' Atlas includes an outstanding mixture of the diagnostic and experimental features of plant pathology. His remedy of every affliction on someone foundation permits the instruc­ tor to fail to remember a few pathogens with no irritating the book's continuity. My one-semester direction in wooded area Pathology is essentially descriptive. powerful emphasis is put on box attractiveness of indicators and indicators. this is often facilitated by means of Barnes' method. In a series of pictures, the diseased plant or half is first considered as an entire to teach the final signs. this is often often by means of a close-up ofthe symptoms (i. e.

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The instructor may elect to have the experiment repeated using culture filtrates of Pectobacterium carotovorum as a souce of pectolytic enzymes_ Expendable Supplies X Total Number of Students or Groups 2 ml. 5% pectolytic enzyme solution, filtered 20 mI. of 1 % pectin solution, filtered Nonexpendable Supplies X Number of Students or Groups Seated in a Laboratory Section 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ringstand ring clamp 10 ml. pipette piece of rubber tubing (1 in. long) piece of heavy-walled rubber tubing, slit (1 in.

This entails 6 phases of activities spread over as many or more laboratory periods. Keep up-to-date and accurate notes as you proceed or you will become confused. The instructor may choose to make the activities of Experiment III, IV, and V part of this comprehensive exercise in the fulfillment of Koch's Postulates, or he may choose to repeat them for practice. The progress of activity is outlined in phases with Koch's Postulates indicated where appropriate. First Koch Postulate: Associate organism with disease symptoms.

If isolations were made from several rotted specimens, only those bacteria which occurred each time, or nearly each time, would be most sus· pected of being the causal organism. In other words, the organism which causes the disease should be associated with it. This is the first rule of Koch's Postulates. The other three follow logically. Second: Isolate the suspected causal organism in pure cuI· Bacterial Soft Rot 45 ture. Third: Reproduce the same symptoms on inoculation of the suscept with the pure culture.

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