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Astrobiology is the research of lifestyles within the universe. It contains the fields of astronomy, physics, biology, geology, paleontology, etc, equivalent to microbiology. The interest of scientists who ponder whether existence exists someplace in addition to Earth has created this new technological know-how. for the reason that we can't but shuttle to different planets, astrobiologists needs to commence with the one lifestyles we all know approximately: lifestyles on the earth.

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Bacteria: Single-celled organisms seen only with a microscope. Biogeochemical: Short for “biological, geological, and chemical;” refers to the recycling chemistry between plants, animals, and the sediments of the Earth. Biosphere: The portion of the Earth and its atmosphere that can support life. Black smokers: See Hydrothermal vents. Chemosynthesis: The process in which some bacteria use chemicals (like hydrogen sulfide) to obtain the energy they need for life. Direct imaging: The use of a telescope as a camera to create images of celestial objects.

See Subsurface Lithoautotrophic Microbial Ecosystem.

Microbial mat: Mats that show how microbial life adjusts to the conditions of the enivronment. Microorganisms: Also called “microbes;” organisms that can be seen only with a microscope. Nebula: Interstellar cloud of dust and gases. Optical telescopes: Traditional telescopes that use a series of lenses and mirrors to obtain images of bodies in space. pH: Potential (of) hydrogen; a measure of the activity of hydrogen ions (H+) in a solution, which indicates acidity or alkalinity. Photosynthesis: The process in plants and certain organisms which produces carbohydrates from CO2 and water using light.

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