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By John W. Amos II

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A Perceptual C o n t e x t of Arab Politics 23 (b) Economic conflicts over s c a r c e resources between oil rich s t a t e s and their poorer neighbors. These have resulted in the creation of two loose coalitions, Saudi Arabia, Kuwayt, and t h e Trucial Shaykhdoms in one group; Egypt, Syria and Iraq in t h e o t h e r . The t e r r i t o r i a l focal point of this confrontation is the control of the oil rich a r e a s of t h e Arabian Peninsula: Egyptian/Saudi activities in t h e two Yemens a r e an e x a m p l e .

All through April and into May, t h e 'ulama' preached revolt in their Friday sermons. Mass demonstrations and rioting followed, particularly in t h e Homs, Hama a r e a s . Bazaar m e r c h a n t s joined the demonstrations and called for a general shutdown of t h e economy. The government responded by sentencing t h e article's author t o d e a t h , but to no avail. The situation was further aggravated by Jordanian and Saudi propaganda broadcasts which called upon t h e populace t o revolt in the n a m e of God.

In almost Freudian t e r m s , Ba'th ideologists spelled out a program for ministering to t h e psyches of t h e s e dislocated young Syrians. Endemic conflict within Syria was t o be ended; religious cleavages were to be submerged in a secular definition of political community. Group and individual anomie w e r e t o be ended by an emotional c o m m i t m e n t to the mystical ideal of the Arab nation. Alienation and apathy w e r e t o be cured by t h e solidarity of t h e mission of the Arab nation.

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