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While presentation of agonist ligand to myelin basic protein (MBP)–specific Th0 clones stimulated production of IL-2, IL-4, IL-10, and IFN-γ , none of these cytokines could be detected after TCR ligation by an antagonistic APL. Intriguingly, engagement of the APL alone induced production of TGF-β from the T cells, a cytokine that was not produced upon agonist stimulation (71). These data clearly showed that APL engagement can activate different signals than agonist ligand, which can result in a dramatic change in the functional phenotype of the T cells.

We therefore review data on a range of progenitor cells from those that have been called lymphoid stem cells to those termed pro-T cells. Our interest is in the process of T lymphocyte lineage commitment. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN FETAL AND ADULT T LYMPHOPOIESIS The lymphocytes formed in adult life are derived from different sets of HSCs than those formed in the embryo. This is most evident for T cell development in the thymus where the site of lymphoid development is well separated from the source of stem cells.

Lenschow, Theresa L. Walunas, Jeffrey A. Bluestone 233 T CELL ANTIGEN RECEPTOR SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION PATHWAYS, Doreen Cantrell 259 ANTIGEN SAMPLING ACROSS EPITHELIAL BARRIERS AND INDUCTION OF MUCOSAL IMMUNE RESPONSES, Marian R. Neutra, Eric Pringault, Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl 275 REGULATION OF MHC CLASS II GENES: Lessons from a Disease, Bernard Mach, Viktor Steimle, Eduardo Martinez-Soria, Walter Reith 301 ON IMMUNOLOGICAL MEMORY, Rolf M. Zinkernagel, Martin F. Bachmann, Thomas M. Kündig, Stephan Oehen, Hanspeter Pirchet, Hans Hengartner 333 Annu.

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