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ISBN-13: 9780718149857

Jeremy Clarkson unearths the area a puzzling position. a lot so, actually, that he wrote a ebook approximately it. yet regardless of the looks of the bestselling "The international based on Clarkson", issues don't appear to have replaced a lot. And so Jeremy's having one other cross. In "And one other Thing", our exasperated hero discovers that: he inadvertently dropped a bomb on North Carolina; we're all going to blow up on the age of sixty two; Russians glance undesirable in Speedos. yet no longer as undesirable as Brits; nobody must have to fret approximately being invoice Oddie's lengthy misplaced sister; cooking a Sunday Roast is something. Gravy is sort of one other; and, he may still most likely be nicer approximately David Beckham. yet whereas these items play on his brain, the area is still Jeremy's favorite position to be. traditionally, it's incredible. It's simply the idiots, meddlers and do-gooders who wreck it for the remainder of us. Laugh-out-loud humorous and as straight-talking as ever, Clarkson bursts their unnecessary little bubble, whereas celebrating the unique issues that we should always carry pricey. relax and revel in as Jeremy places the area to rights...

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I’m not a doctor but I know what the answer is. Plus, think what this fat phobia will do to children. None of mine is what you’d call a waif and I’m genuinely scared that thanks to the nonsense being peddled by these health-obsessed Nazis, they’re going to start throwing up their lunch in the bike sheds. Perhaps then John Reid could admit that Norman Tebbit was right all those years ago and that we really should get on our bikes. Or maybe he might like to think about subsidising food that is good for us, rather than taxing food that isn’t.

Posh doesn’t want hair like Jordan. It’s all just too incredible. The trouble is that I’m 43 and therefore past my dead-by date. I was designed to live until I was 40, and now it’s only central heating and Mr Sheen furniture polish that’s keeping me out of the crematorium. So now we’ve got the young bloods raring to go, but they’re permanently at odds with the wrinklies who are still around, not really wanting anything to change. I have a name for this. Prince Charles Syndrome. He wants to get cracking with his vision of Britain but his mum’s still in charge, being cautious and opening day-care centres for the handicapped.

Next, scramjets start to work only when the plane is doing Mach 5 (3,810 mph). And how, pray, are you supposed to reach that kind of speed? The Nasa plane in last weekend’s test was taken to an altitude of 40,000 feet by the B-52, where it was dropped. A rocket then took it up to 90,000 feet and Mach 7. At this point the scramjet took over and yes, there was minimal acceleration, but it was out of fuel in just 11 seconds. You may recall the British Hotol project from the late 1980s. This, it was said, would use scramjets and rockets.

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