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Freilich makes an attempt to figure out why a few states have greater degrees of defense force job than others. concentrating on the years 1994-1995, he unearths that cultural factors—not financial conditions--are with regards to degrees of military comparable job. specifically, states with reduce degrees of lady empowerment and better degrees of paramilitary tradition have been prone to have extra defense force teams. Conversely, neither monetary dislocation/social disorganization nor fiscal prosperity/social integration have been with regards to the variety of military teams at the kingdom point. those findings recommend that courses looking to preempt military formation by means of supplying monetary help will now not be triumphant. as a substitute, such courses needs to confront cultural matters in addition.

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In effect, social structural change has seriously weakened the integrative character of contemporary society and of personal and group life.... The disruption and the decline of intermediate relations and of community are viewed as Social Movement Theories and the Rise of the Militia Movement 43 having serious consequences.... giving rise to the atomistic society.... it is a bleak picture of man adrift. He is uprooted, displaced, and in a condition of anomie” (Halebsky 1976: 37-38; see also Aho 1990; Kornhauser 1959; McAdam 1982; Morris and Herring 1985; Pichardo 1998; Rogin 1967).

Structure and Ideology of the Militia Movement 19 1995; Kelly and Villaire 2002; Kramer 2002; Marks 1996; Militia of Montana 1995a; 1995b; 1995c; 1995d; Neiwert 1999; Pitcavage 1998a; 1998b; 2001; Seul 1997; Tapia 2000; The Militia Movement in the United States 1995). It should also be noted though that some claim that the movement’s hostility toward government is only reserved for the federal level and does not always extend to state or local governments. Some militias even loudly trumpet their good working relationships with both state and local authorities as well as the larger community(Abanes 1996; Chermak 2002; Hamilton 1996; Tapia 2000).

The breakaway faction was disturbed by recent moves by Van Huizen which they claimed “takes power from the county level and takes it up to the command staff and they end up being absolute dictators” (Mariani 1998: 134). However, the Michigan Militia countered that the breakaway faction was too willing to collaborate with elements from the racist Christian Identity movement and other fringe groups (Mariani 1998; see also Churchill 2001; Kelly and History of the Militia Movement in Michigan 27 Villaire 2002; Michigan Militia 1998a; 1998b; 1998c).

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