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How can knowing what your buttons are help you with anger? ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ … and more to do! On a separate sheet of paper, list your button releases and then make several copies of your list. Put them in places that are readily accessible—for example, your wallet, your backpack, and your nightstand. Review the list often so that the next time you find one of your buttons is being pushed, you can head off an anger situation by recalling your release.

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Write in a journal. The next time Ethan found himself getting angry with Ryan, he simply stretched out on the sofa with his iPod. Pretty soon, he could hardly remember what had made him so angry! for you to do Think about situations that often make you angry. When these situations arise, tell how you can chill out instead of exploding. I get angry when ___________ ____________________ I can chill out by ___________ ____________________ I get angry when ___________ ____________________ I can chill out by ___________ ____________________ I get angry when ___________ ____________________ I can chill out by ___________ ____________________ … and more to do!

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Also Known as Rowan Pohi by Ralph Fletcher

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