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40 +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ + + + + + + + - Kim and Shin 70% weed control in transplanted rice under Korean conditions (Table 2). The results suggest high potential for breeding allelopathic rice that can complement herbicides in rice cropping. Laboratory tests were conducted with a relay seeding method developed by Navarez and Olofsdotter (1996). Among 30 improved and 80 traditional Korean cultivars. Danduna showed the most allelopathic potential (Table 3). Table 2.

Crus-galli in the soil A pot experiment assessed the reduction of weed seeds in the soil caused by allelopathic rice varieties. After harvesting field experiment 2a, soil containing rice residues was sampled to a depth of 20 cm. and the samples air-dried and pulverized by grinding. The experiment was done in 30 × 20 × 50-cm plastic pots containing 10 kg of the soil samples in four replicates. The pots were watered every 3–4 d, and the number of surviving E. crus-galli in each pot was calculated 21 d after the first irrigation.

Laboratory bioassays are an important part of rice allelopathy research because they allow researchers to study large amounts of plant material in a short time. Bioassays, by design, also allow researchers to eliminate interference factors other than the one under study. Laboratory experiments conducted under controlled environments, however, must always be validated in the field to present convincing evidence of allelopathic effects of rice in nature. Allelopathy, in general, still lacks experimental setups that convincingly demonstrate interference by chemical compounds in natural systems (Connell 1990, Willis 1985).

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