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Introduces the center suggestions, evaluates how winning they are often, in addition to what difficulties might be encountered Dispels a variety of myths surrounding agile improvement

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This does not mean that you must produce many different diagrams. Merely that if what you need to describe is best presented as a class diagram, then use it. However, if it is better to use a Sequence diagram use that. In addition, if something is proving difficult to understand or work through in one type of diagram then move to another – it may be that this will help. Also do not feel afraid of mixing diagrams, placing some data modelling on a class diagram, which may well help describe your problem, etc.

Productivity r Apply modelling standards. That is, a common set of modelling conventions should be agreed upon and adopted by all modellers. This is the modelling 4 · How to Become an Agile Modeller 47 equivalent of having coding standards and adhering to them. It just makes life easier for all concerned. ” These standards should indicate the good and bad features of the notation and how they should be used. Of course, the standard should not obstruct the overall aim of being agile. Remember that understandability is more important that mindlessly following standards.

For example, on a recent project, the products of four software developers were integrated for the first time within an hour. I believe that this was achieved because we had generated appropriate designs and that at the core of these designs were the models! 9. The world revolves around the data model. That is, the data model describing, for example, the information in the database, is the centre of the universe and the object-oriented model is based on this. This is a view that is prevalent in organisations with a very strong database culture or in those that have migrated from a more data-oriented language.

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