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By R.A. Ridha, M. Theves

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Under suitable assumptions, the harmonic components uncouple, and the three-dimensional problem may be solved as a sequence of smaller two-dimensional analyses. The proposed technique gives improved accuracy over three-dimensional analysis at a small fraction of the cost and modelling effort. 15 refs. Technol. 99-120 INFLUENCE OF RIM RUN-OUT ON THE NONUNIFORMITY OF TYRE-WHEEL ASSEMBLIES FEM SIMULATION OF THE TYREIRIM SEATING PROCESS Pelle R G General Tire Inc. Finite element studies were conducted in the past, which involved the simulation of the tyrelrim seating process under a variety of sophisticated loading conditions up to and including full three-dimensional loading with braking and cornering considered.

It was shown that, by addition of a phenolic novolac resin together with an NBR to the usual formulations, an increase of tan delta occurred in the range o to 20C without a significant increase in the region of 70C. These results indicated an improvement in wet skid resistance with no significant change in rolling loss level. The reason for this effect was the formation of a homogeneous phase consisting of resin and NBR. The maximum of damping of this phase could be adjusted to a desired level by selecting the appropriate types and amounts of both components.

The vulcanised laminates were tested fresh and after various ageing treatments. Rubber-reinforcement adhesion was tested by measuring pull-out force, peel force and percent coverage. Cure response and static and dynamic mechanical properties were also determined. NMP was found to give improved adhesion of steel to rubber relative to HMMM and HMT, in the presence or absence of cobalt naphthenate. It also provided improved nylon-rubber adhesion when the fabric itself was aged to simulate unfavourable storage conditions.

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