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Comprises long assessment articles on computing device aided good judgment synthesis for VLSI chips, sensor-driven clever robotics, complicated innovations in dealing with dispensed information, details stream and keep an eye on among people and pcs and automatic balloting.

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13. An example of the calculation of MSPFs and CSPFs. , 0 or 1) of GM(chj)= (* 0 * *), while other components are identical. The CSPF and MSPF of a gate, connection, or input terminal can be identical. For the gate with Gc(uj)= GM(uj)= (010*) shown in Fig. 13, for example, we have Gc(cij)= G,(c,) = ( l o * *), GC(cgj)= GM(csj)= (*o**), and Gc(Chj)= GM(Chj)= (*01*). As can be seen in the third components of GM's in the example in Fig. 12, when gate uj in a network has more than one input connection whose wth component is 1 and we have GG)(uj)= 0, the wth components of MSPFs for these input connections are *'s.

At least one of the inputs of the kth NOR gate, is 1, then the output of the gate is 0, and otherwise it is 1. , rn. 29)becomes ~ i j ) V i k I 1 and PI^) U i k 2 0. Thus, at least one of ~ j j and ) Uik is 0. 29) becomes PY) + u i k I 2 and ~ l j +) V i k 2 2. SO, both ~ j j and ) u i k are 1. 27). ,e. 30) We can design a network with a minimum number of NOR gates and, secondarily, with a minimum number of connections, by minimizing the objective function, cc R k = l I=1 u! +k=2 k-1 i=l Uik.

Although we may not be able to immediately identify networks of the most appropriate configurations, design of the most compact layouts would be a lot easier for layout designers if candidate networks of different configurations are available to the designers. ILLOD-(NOR-B)-2 was modified into ILLOD(NOR-B)-3 with an option for this purpose (Lin, 1988a,b). Although the computation time for the program is much faster than the implicit-enumeration method for solving the integer-programming logicdesign problem formulated with inequalities, we are unable to design minimal networks consisting of more than about 10 NOR gates in a reasonable time except for special cases.

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