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By Marshall C. Yovits

ISBN-10: 0080566634

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Similarly, you expect your personal information not to be available to anyone who requests it. Confidentiality is the security concept that has to do with protection against unauthorized information disclosure. It has to do with the viewing of data. Not only does confidentiality assure the secrecy of data, but it also can help in maintaining data privacy. 2 Integrity In software that is reliable or, in other words, performs as intended, protecting against improper data alteration is also known as resilient software.

However, it is imperative to realize that the risk acceptance process must be a formal process, and it must be well documented, preferably with a contingency plan to address the residual risk in subsequent releases of the software. Transfer the risk: One additional method by which management can choose to address the risk is to simply transfer it. This is usually done by buying insurance and works best for the organization when the cost of implementing the security controls exceeds the cost of potential impact of the risk itself.

It is also important to recognize that the presence of security functionality in software may allow it to support quality certification standards, but it does not necessarily imply that the software is secure. Vendors often tout the presence of security functionality in their products in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and while this may be true, it must be understood that the mere presence of security functionality in the vendor’s software does not make it secure. This is because security functionality may not be configured to work in your operating environment, or when it is, it may be implemented incorrectly.

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