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Silva and Perera (1971 ) have assayed urease activity in the rubber soils of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and have drawn the conclusion that urea can be used as a nitrogen fertilizer under most situations in the rubber areas. Urease activity of some soils is too high, resulting in a very fast hydrolysis of urea. The liberated ammonia can damage germinating seedlings and young plants and can be lost through volatilization. Nitrification of ammonium may also result in undesirable effects (temporary accumulation of nitrites in toxic concentrations; N losses through leaching and denitrification of both nitrites and nitrates).

Annu. Rev. Plant Physiol. 20, 351-364. Boyer, J. S. 1970a. Plant Physiol. 46, 233-235. Boyer, J. S . 1970b. Plant Physiol. 46, 236-239. Boyer, J. S . 1971a. Plant Physiol. 47, 816-820. Boyer, J. S . 1971b. Plant Physiol. 48, 532-536. Boyer, J. S . 1973. Phytopathology 63, 466472. Boyer, J. , and Bowen, B. L. 1970. Plant Physiol. 45, 612-615. Brevedan, E. , and Hodges, H. F. 1973. Plant Physiol. 52, 436-439. Brix, H. 1962. Physiol. Plant. 15, 10-20. Chang, T. , Loresto, G. , and Tagumpay, 0. 1974.

The type of change is a function of soil and treatment dose (Thente, 1970). The four soils examined showed variable rates of urease activity with various doses of 7-irradiation. In three soils the urease activity increased up to a maximum value and then decreased. In one soil, urease activity decreased continuously with higher doses. The three soils are of the same type, as their urease activity increased following irradiation at lower dosage. However, a quantitative examination of their response to irradiation reveals considerable differences.

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