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Ambler, R. W. Hayward, D. D. Hoppes, and R. P. Hudson, Phys. Rev. 106;1413 (1957), Fig. 11, and is reprinted with the permission of the authors and the Editor of the Physical Review. PARITY NONCONSERVATION IN WEAK INTERACTIONS 39 that (J,)/J was ~ 0 . 6 as , measured from the anisotropy of the y-rays following the 0-particle (9). The Cow was deposited in a crystalline layer covering a single crystal of cerium magnesium nitrate. 002 in. thick. The experimental arrangement is shown in Fig. 2. The P-ray detector was a thin anthracene crystal located inside the cryostat at -2 cm above the Cow source.

4 More recently, Buckingham, Makinson, and Huntington (40) occupied themselves in developing further this theoretical approach. Their results make it imperative that the recent experiments (35, 37) which obviously require a considerably modified interpretation, be viewed very critically. It appears that Buckingham’s are the most thorough studies carried out on the influence of the form of the potential barrier upon the properties of the surface photoeffect. He takes into account the dependence, established by Bardeen, of the effective potential barrier on the momentum of an electron incident on the boundary.

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