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By Anya Peters

ISBN-10: 0007245726

ISBN-13: 9780007245727

ISBN-10: 0007245742

ISBN-13: 9780007245741

A heartbreaking real tale of 1 little girl's seek to discover a spot she may name home.


Separated from her genuine mom at start, Anya grew up in terror of her drunken bullying uncle. overwhelmed, humiliated and sexually abused via him from the age of six, she inspiration her lifestyles could not get Read more...

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He says louder, slamming the words into me. ‘Yes they do! ’ Mummy hollers into the room. I try everything to keep my tears in, but eventually they burst out, hiccupping as they come, my shoulders heaving, and he is over me, his fist raised, ready to give me ‘something to really cry about’. Chapter 2 Mummy wasn’t my real mum. Her younger sister, Katherine, who everyone called ‘Kathy’, was my real mum. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know that. Anyway, my uncle, who I grew up calling ‘Daddy’ like the rest of my brothers and sisters, would never have allowed it to be kept a secret.

I practised school work: doing sums, memorising the spellings on the packaging and telling stories inside my head. If I got all the spellings right I would lick my finger and have a dip in the sugar bowl, smiling at how naughty I was being. Inside my head I’d say, ‘I don’t care,’ and pull my nightie off one shoulder and shrug it bare like Stella did to make my uncle laugh. It felt as if I’d got a friend there that I was talking to. Sometimes when I was sent to the kitchen Mummy would decide she’d had enough.

Most people in the flats knew better than to interfere, but occasionally their fights were so bad that people would threaten to call social services and report us. A few times social services did come, but Mummy sent them packing, telling them they had no right to be knocking on her door telling her how to bring up her kids, that we were all well brought up and loved and to check that with the school. It would have been very clear to them that she was a good mother, and if he wasn’t there, easy to see how they would leave us alone.

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