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By Morten Strange

ISBN-10: 0804842000

ISBN-13: 9780804842006

A Photographic advisor to the Birds of Indonesia is the easiest, so much accomplished photographic consultant to the birds of Indonesia.

Because of its massive measurement and geographical place, Indonesia has the world's so much varied avifauna. It boasts of greater than 1,600 species—of which 235 infrequent birds are just present in Indonesia—making it the world's no 1 shuttle vacation spot for bird-watching.

This poultry box advisor covers a complete of 912 species, together with many of the non-migratory and endemic species which are visible in simple terms in Indonesia and a
number of threatened and endangered species. a photo and distribution map is given for every fowl. Many new photos of Indonesian birds look during this quantity for the 1st time and feature been conscientiously chosen to teach the real features of every poultry. The concise textual content supply very important info, and an index of universal names is equipped in the back of the publication.

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0 Near-threatened. Close to qualifying for the categories above. THE BIRDS OF INDONESIA 43 0 SOUTHERN CASSOWARY 0 Casuarius casuarius 150 em F: Casuariidae Description: Distinguished from the two other members of th1s family by its very tall casque and long, div1ded neck wattle. Capt1ve photo. Voice: Low, booming grunts. Habits: A lowland ra1nforest b1rd, usually found below 500 m 1n tall forest, often in swampy areas or along river banks. A shy, flightless bird, rarely seen. Walks on the forest floor searchmg for fallen fru1ts.

Habits: Restricted to lowland rainforest; occurs tn both prtma ry and mature secondary forest, often near rivers and streams. Formerly common tn Indonesia, but now much reduced tn numbers, although stghttngs are sttll reported. A shy btrd; habtts l11tle known. ~-· Q• - ~--~:t~~ .. #~ . . . ~~-- ·~. "« Distribution: Sunda subregicrl. An uncommon resiOOnt in Sum atra and Kalimantan. so·~;~;;·~·3·s··~;;;···F;··rh~~·;~~·i·d~~········ Description: Captive female in photo. Note diagnostic grey1sh head and brown plumage w1th scales, but no ocelli.

Captive photo. Voice: A vartety of p1p1ng and whtstling notes. Habits: Usually found in lowland freshwater swamps and marshes with plenty of vegetation cover and nearby trees; occasionally seen 1n ttdal estuaries. Usually observed singly or 1n pairs; somettmes forms small flocks. Sometimes mingles with the followmg spectes. Feeds by dabbling for vegetable matter at the water's surface, habitually at ntght; can also dtve. :r. ,: Distributkm Scutheast Asia, from Mindanao in the Philippines to Papua New Guinea A widespread but generally scarce resident in parts ot Wallarea and Papua WANDERING WHISTLING-DUCK Dendrocygna arcuata 45 em F: Anatidae Description: Dtsttngutshed from the followtng spec1es by 1ts whtttsh flanks, black cap and scaly upperparts.

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