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I have the inner certainty that this truth, if it is ever granted to me, be revealed when I am physically in affliction and in one of the extreme forms in which it exists at present.... I am outside the truth; no human agency can bring me to it; and I am inwardly certain that God will not bring me to it except in that way. 7 Despite this extraordinary and nearly incomprehensible death-circu e, Simone Weil's best epitaph, it seems to me, nevertheless might be the dying words of the young priest in the book Diary of a Country Priest, by Georges Bernanos, an author whose writings she deeply loved and with whom Weil briefly corresponded: Grace is everywhere.

It was so closely connected with absence of self or selfeffort as to make the terms "thinking" and "freedom" virtually interchangeable in her grammar. " The thinker here is not the Cartesian ego ("the self which knows the self") but the inspiring source itself, manifesting through us only when no ego or agent is in the way. )3 Speaking in intellectual tongues, she says that God is above all determinations, since he does not limit himself to a single idea; he is thus free; better expressed, he is freedom itself....

9 The whole of modern science and philosophy is infected with this mistake. Something similar applies to the second "monstrosity," money. It was originally an intermediary, but now like an algebraic symbol it has taken on a life of its own. We have the phenomenon of money generating money and, even more oddly, money itself becoming irrelevant and being replaced by credit, and by credit to the second or third degree. The effects are to produce unreality by separating human effort from its results.

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