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By Alexander F. Skutch, Dana Gardner

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Captivated whereas nonetheless younger by way of the beauty and great quantity of the tropics, Alexander Skutch, world-renowned ornithologist and writer of twelve books on tropical birds, resolved to commit his lifestyles to its learn and interpretation. For good over part a century, he has painstakingly saw the creatures that encompass him, fairly the birds, and he has proposal lengthy and deeply - might be greater than such a lot naturalists - in regards to the importance of this ample lifestyles. during this reflective account of lifestyles within the tropics, Skutch bargains readers either his observations and his interpretations of what he has skilled. He brings a considerate, unequaled voice to the outline of the realm he has grown to grasp and comprehend, a global thought of forbidding via so much northerners and nonetheless principally unexplored.

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When I persisted in trying to make the dove depart so that I could see what it covered, it struck the stick resoundingly with its right wing. Since the steadfast parent refused to leave, I tried to see the contents of its nest when it rose up to defy me. Tying my mirror to the stick, I raised it toward the bird, who dropped to the ground as the intruding object came near. Hopping and limping away, quivering its wings or loosely flapping them, the retreating dove so convincingly acted the part of a crippled bird that I feared it had injured a wing when it struck my stick.

Not a single song would have broken the gloomy silence of these dark forests, where the loudest notes were probably the croaks and roars of amphibians, some of which were huge. Insects, including dragonflies with a wing span of over 2 feet (61 centimeters), already flitted through the forest aisles, ate the tissues of plants, or preyed upon other insects. Regrettably, fossils fail to reveal the sounds and colors of that long-past age, but I surmise that the colors of these primitive creatures were mostly as drab as their voices were unmelodious.

Contemplation of the enigma of space should dispel all dogmatism, assertive or negative, and make us duly humble while we are filled with gratitude for the privilege of living in a medium that almost instantaneously and with no loss of identity can transmit the light waves which so enrich our lives. Electromagnetic waves within the range of visible light transmit most of the energy that the Sun sends to Earth and the other planets, yet for this the capacity of light waves to preserve their individual identity amid innumerable others hardly seems necessary.

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