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By Barry Miller

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The sequel to From lifestyles to God, this article deals a portrait of God that contrasts sharply with that supplied by way of perfect-being theology. It exposes the absurdity of this view and indicates how substantially God differs from even the main exalted of his creatures.

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20. But, had Socrates never come to exist, he could never have been referred to. 21. Therefore, at time b it would have been possible that 'Socrates' never have referred to Socrates. 22. But, had 'Socrates' never referred to Socrates, '"Socrates" refers to Socrates'would not have been true at time a. 23. 18). In examining the argument's premisses, it needs to be remembered that the necessity being employed is not logical but is the kind which Prior confessed to borrowing from Ferdinand of Cordova, namely, the notion of a I truth that can no longer be prevented' because the time for preventing it is now past.

Precisely because'____exists' can be predicated of Socrates, and because his existence is what that predicate attributes to him, it is perfectly entitled to be called a property of him. Objection could be taken to this only if it were thought that his existence had to be like his non-existential properties not simply in being attributable to him by a first-level predicate but also in being related to him in the same way as are his nonexistential properties. The broad notion of a property, however, no more entails that properties be related uniformly to their bearers than that they be uniformly real, or uniformly Cambridge, or uniformly formal, or uniformly nonformal, or uniformly of one level.

10). ' The same point holds even when the negation is taken to be internal, and the predicable is '____ does not exist,' for there, too, the relevant property is a Cambridge one. Thus, no matter whether the distinction between internal and external negation in this context be accepted or rejected, the result is the same. < previous page page_25 next page > < previous page page_26 next page > Page 26 In neither case are we committed to Socrates acquiring any property, real or Cambridge, whose acquisition is conditional upon his existing at that time.

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