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He may first have to find and keep expert instructors, it is true, but—his job only begins there. For too many leaders, it ends there. The same leader may well have a quite different function if he acts as secretary to a committee, for example, where his job is to help the committee to reach its objective as efficiently as possible. Though he will certainly be required to contribute to a general atmosphere which will help communication and facilitate decisionmaking, his primary task is to provide the material for the committee to use in making its decisions, including helping them to see clearly the issues that are involved.

Finally, it is impossible so far to separate these findings from the dominantly Western cultures in which they have been formulated, nor can it be implied that the deliberate cultivation of such qualities can ever produce the desired result. A first quality is that those associated with a leader feel him to be sensitive and responsive to their needs, for example a person who likes people naturally and not by effort. An aspect of this quality is a superior ability to judge the attitudes of the group and to win their confidence by genuine interest and by ability to foresee their problems.

A man unable technically to measure up to a task he is expected to perform will suffer 38 A LIFE FULL OF MEANING in other ways, in for example, a loss of self-confidence which makes him in turn even less able to perform the task. Are there any personality resemblances among those who "give a lead" in different kinds of groups in different kinds of situations? The "situational" theory of leadership must of course take account of the structure of the organisation or the nature of the social order in which the group is functioning, including a transient social climate such as is provided by war.

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