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1991) recruited two groups from outside of the Colab research team to study in detail. Each group consisted of three long-term collaborators who were asked to brainstorm about some subject of their own choosing that would be useful in their work. It was observed that neither group was able to use the item organization window in the way intended. Also, there were numerous conversational breakdowns where Cognoter got in the way of the work they were trying to do. Tatar et al. concluded that the designers of Cognoter had used an inappropriate model of communication, corresponding to the information transfer model depicted in Figure 1.

Revisability: A can revise messages for B. E-mails can be read and revised before they are sent. Voice communications have to be repaired in subsequent turns or with extra words in the same turn if trouble is anticipated. CLARK’S THEORY IN ELECTRONICALLY MEDIATED COMMUNICATIONâ•… 21 conversation that may be absent in mediated communication. These come from the theory in the sense that mechanisms identified by Clark will not be possible if these constraints are absent. For example, many of the methods of signaling enumerated in Table 3 will not be available without the constraints of copresence and visibility.

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